I Wait Patiently


I need to be your sweet baby doll, cum guzzling whore that gags on your cock and sucks your balls so good and squirts all over her hand for you. I want to feel your cock in my throat as you fuck my mouth so good. I long to be your little gag slut that covers your cock in warm, frothy spit and makes you forget about all your sadness and pain.

But I also want to be held and kissed and cherished and adored by you. I need both. I can’t have one without the other. Most people can’t understand how a woman can be a little girl as well as a beautiful slut at the same time. But you do, so I wait patiently for you.



Hello everyone. I’m not new to WP but I decided to make an anonymous blog where I can safely share my submissive/kinky/erotic thoughts and desires. I’ll share random thoughts, scenarios that play in my head and I’ll try to write daily to share my babygirl life. I’m a lonely little that has had bad luck in my personal life and right now I am trying my best to conquer my paranoia and fears of trust and rejection. I have never been owned before and even though it used to make me so sad, I take care good care of myself.

I look forward to writing more soon.