Dealing With Low-Self Esteem & Other Issues

Everyone has experienced some sort of rejection. True, yes. But sexual abuse and bullying (I never received physical, just verbal abuse) just make the rejections worse, I swear. I’ve always been a lone wolf ever since I was very young in kindergarten. So trying to connect with someone since my divorce two years ago has been extremely difficult.

Honestly I think it’s due a to a number of different factors. My self-esteem is still low; all I can really focus on is my little tummy and how short I am. How most people would prefer a tall woman with long flowing hair and flawless makeup. At the moment, my hair is pretty short but growing fast. It’s skimming my neck now.

Another problem that I am having is that most of the men I attract are married. There are a lot of open marriages and I am NOT passing judgment on them. I’m not even really judging someone who is openly cheating. I just can’t help them cheat. Period. No matter how much we connect or like each other. I just can’t do it. So a lot of people that could have been right for me were discounted.

It really does feel like I will never have this sort of relationship. Like it’s too good to be true. If it doesn’t happen, that’s okay. But it feels like a waste. Nearly everyday I play out sexy scenarios in my head that go unfulfilled. I can go to the bar and find a guy to have vanilla sex, sure. Or I could ask him to dominate me. But it just wouldn’t feel right. Because he wouldn’t be a true dom to me…he wouldn’t be my protector, my friend, the man that cares for what is within me and not just what I can give him. Sex is so easy to find now. Finding a true connection seems impossible.


11 thoughts on “Dealing With Low-Self Esteem & Other Issues

  1. Lots of guys love short girls, have you tried munches, you may be able to find other littles as friends that way then who knows, the possibilities are endless.


  2. 🙂 welcome – but ur are the sweet one! …. i am so smiling my head off ♡ ❣♡ ❣♡ -thank you!! so what is ur journey now? happy to connect and chat when u wish…perhaps there is a lot in common….. ^|^ i can send u drafts of my stories too if u wish…i would value ur suggestions or reactions ….seriously like…. let me know ok….take care BG x


  3. Anonymous, you will find the right person for you! We all have to search and weed out the not so right and the down right wrong until we find our perfect match. I hope that you find who you want soon. You are a very lovely and talented woman.


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