Starting to come out of my shell.


So I’m not going to meet my daddy or mommy anytime soon. I’m okay with that now. But I definitely want to play. But it’s hard to find people near me who are single, open minded, kinky and unattached. I got the courage to reply to a posting online about an MFM but it seems that the men are attached and I don’t want to help anyone cheat. Still, I am happy that I am coming out of my shell more. I am not letting the past dictate my present anymore, or at least I’m trying. While I know that I have to be safe, my problem has been that I have been too safe and I have let fear and paranoia run my life. Often times it feels like most people are bad and would hurt me if they could. I truly do feel like that. But I am doing my best to try to change that. So that I may enjoy a scenario like the one above with someone I can connect with and trust. Mm. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Starting to come out of my shell.

  1. Congratulations on pursuing your needs and finding your courage! Balancing tenacity, safety, and trust is no easy feat, but stay true to your goal and yourself. You’ll find what you’re looking for. 🙂


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