A piece of erotic fiction I wrote.


You’re sitting at your desk…doing your work diligently and I walk over to you with a sexy smirk. I look down at your crotch and lick my lips while I unbutton my blouse. You look at up at me and see the heat flickering in my gaze and you know exactly what I want.

So you roll back in your chair and I kneel down and position myself between your legs underneath the desk. I am so wet and turned on, my womb aching. I kiss your hardness through your slacks, feel your lovely erection getting longer for me. I rub you while I look up at you with my pretty bright eyes, my cute face.

I slowly unbuckle you and pull down your zipper. Your cock is so hard in your boxers and I kiss you softly through them. I can smell your scent, delicious and intoxicating. I want your cock in my mouth so bad but I want to take my time, savoring this fantasy that I’ve had for such a long time. I pull out your throbbing cock and moan as I gaze at it. I look up at you earnestly as I kiss the sensitive head, making you shudder and groan. I keep my gaze up at you as I lower my head and lick you from your aching balls to the tip of your swollen head.

I start suckling on the sensitive head while I massage your balls, lathering you in my wet, warm saliva. I am so hungry for you, I lick you everywhere, sucking your balls and taking your cock down my throat as much as I can. You growl and I love the way you grab my hair with both of your hands and pull, hard. You call me your little cock whore and I moan around your delicious cock. I wander my hand down to my aching wetness and shiver as I start flickering my clit with my middle finger.

Even though I am out of practice, I take your cock all the way down my throat as I furiously touch myself and you curse, telling me what a good little slut I am. My mouth and face are covered in my warm spit and you tell me to suck your balls while you stroke yourself. I love sucking your aching sensitive balls and more wetness floods my core, making me shake. I lick underneath your balls and you pull my hair harder, stroking your wet hard cock that is lubricated from my spit. My entire body tenses and spasms as I feel my orgasm quickly approaching and you jerk your hips up as you groan and shake as well. Give me your hot boss cum, please, I beg you, I say. I need it. You hiss and grab my cheek as you finally come all over my face and I buck and whimper as I squirt all over my hand. I kiss your cock and look up at you with gratitude. Thank you sir, I whisper.


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