Current mood.


Milking his beautiful cock with my little throat while his friends watch…mmmm so sexy!!! I love it. My little throat hasn’t been filled in over a year…perhaps I should change that?


Squirty girl appreciation.

I’ve only squirted on one guy’s cock and that was my ex…I’m not sure if it will ever happen again with my severe trust issues. But it’s probably the best feeling ever to squirt my babygirl cum all over daddy’s thick cock. So delicious. I’d love to swallow a woman’s squirt too…it would be so delicious and feel so amazing to feel her cum gush down my throat…I’d want her to ride my face all night.


I feel like……


….squirting all over a handsome sweet submissive man’s toned chest. Mmm. I need that. I’ve never done it but hopefully that can change.

And no it’s not urine. There is nothing wrong with watersports, I personally find it hot with the right person and connection but my squirt is not urine. A woman knows her body more than a man does. 😉

What submission is to me.

I do not like being bossed around. Especially by men. To me, being submissive isn’t about being bossed around, being humiliated…it’s about giving selfless pleasure. Because that feels better to me than receiving pleasure. I don’t even have to orgasm and I feel satiated with my partner’s pleasure. If I can’t make him/her come then I feel awful and unfulfilled. Everyone has a different definition of D/S, but to me it has nothing to do with what most of these dominant men seek.


I never used to like glory holes until recently. I guess I’m too much of a germaphobe to fully enjoy it….it’s a big reason why I don’t like bathroom sex. It would have to be super extra squeaky clean. Then I would probably enjoy it. Maybe like a classy elegant glory hole. Haha. That sounds like a hot story I should write. 🙂 A cute innocent looking girl like me shouldn’t be wanting these things right…