What submission is to me.

I do not like being bossed around. Especially by men. To me, being submissive isn’t about being bossed around, being humiliated…it’s about giving selfless pleasure. Because that feels better to me than receiving pleasure. I don’t even have to orgasm and I feel satiated with my partner’s pleasure. If I can’t make him/her come then I feel awful and unfulfilled. Everyone has a different definition of D/S, but to me it has nothing to do with what most of these dominant men seek.


4 thoughts on “What submission is to me.

  1. Agreed.
    Domination doesn’t mean humiliation. Submission does not mean it either. Both people reveling in the moment and fulfilling another’s needs is both erotic and rewarding. I think you are quite right not to settle for less. 🙂

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  2. I can work both sides of the D/S fence. It depends on my mood. It is hotter for me to be a Sub but I have to really trust my Dom. I don’t get into the hurting, abuse, just the restraint and withhold of pleasure. That to me is more pleasurable on both sides.

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