Weight Loss Struggles And GI Problems


If I didn’t have IBS, I most likely would have a six-pack by now. Unfortunately, I suffer from severe IBS and even though I strive to follow a low FODMAP diet, I am still finding it extremely difficult to cope with it after a year of being diagnosed with this syndrome that severely impacts my life. I have also found that it has made my weight loss journey much more difficult.

When my IBS acts up, I suffer from either painful cramping and diarrhea¬†or severe bloating, gas and constipation. Right now I am very bloated, gassy and constipated from the tofu I had earlier, a food that is supposed to be low FODMAP and safe to eat. Apparently, it’s really bad for me, though. Perhaps it’s the soy that I’m allergic to. As a vegan, I try my best to obtain my proteins from multiple sources, and sadly, I am going to have to cross out tofu from the list. I already can’t have broccoli, any type of bean and legume, or mushroom. Imagine having a chronic disorder/syndrome where you have to give up half of your favorite foods. That’s what I had to do pretty much.

And it gets more complicated when you try to lose fat and gain muscle. With my body suffering from the effects of IBS, it’s no wonder it has taken me so long to lose fat and weight. My body is clearly stressed out from this GI disorder. I am going to have to be much more careful in what I eat. Eating out is always a huge issue for me since gluten/wheat is bad for me as well. This disorder truly is a living nightmare. I find myself not wanting to eat anything half the time. I even gave up coffee and energy drinks to try to attain my toned body.

I write about my struggles so other people suffering from this incurable condition can know that they are not alone and if they are having issues with weight/fat loss, that this is the probable reason why. I work out nearly every day, incorporating cardio and toning exercises to help me burn fat. All I drink is water with lemon wedges and I will start my day with a tall glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Nearly everything that I eat is ‘healthy’ (fresh fruit, veggies, oats, quinoa, brown rice, etc).

And things that help IBS immensely that are relatively cheap and easy to obtain: turmeric and ginger tea (you can make it yourself, just add some lemon and black pepper), peppermint tea and apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar also naturally helps you lose weight. These ‘holistic’ treatments aren’t scientifically demonstrated to help because we live in a capitalistic society that would rather have you spend your hard earned money on overpriced products even though humans have been using these natural ailments for so long.


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